Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ranne is even more down today, having not slept for his coughing. We filled a prescription for his cough today and it did NOTHING. He is now trying to gag his way through his nap and sleeping not at all.

As I was in deep conversation with a friend last night after bible class, Toby was watching a couple guys play basketball. He was standing under the hoop, against the wall of the gym. Well, a very large teenage boy landed on his foot as he sailed through the air to catch the ball and missed. When taking Toby home and removing his shoes, I found a large bruise with a raised vein running through it. He's been tender-footed today. If he is still tomorrow, I'll call the doctor to have it looked at. He also has a terrible rash that no cream has been able to fix.

I want coffee 24/7 and am procrasitating on everything. Vacation would be wonderful. Up for company in, maybe, April DadBrenda? Two ever-sick boys and a tired mama need company for a lonely weekend that Scott plans on spending with his Dad in Colorado at a spiritual gathering that would be so wonderful. Have I mentioned being tired?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We began the birthday boy's morning by having him open his gift from the Foldings after breakfast. Oh, he was excited and so was I! I've been looking at such toys online for some time and am thrilled for him to use these! Thank you!

Scott left for work planning to meet us over the lunch hour for a special trip to the ice cream shop. In the hour before, I took the boys to the park and also the store to buy fruit on double-ad day. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, but Toby was tired already and Ranne is still puny. After 20-minutes of standing around and going down the slide a few times, Ranne asked to either go home or see Dad. Ranne did find a good stick he wanted to show off for all of you.
Quite the jumper!

Toby has decided to begin stunts with no supervision (I'll explain at the end of this blog). After having me help him down the slide a few times in various positions, he chose to go down headfirst--alone. I sat and watched him take a good digger into the wood chips. He was upset, understandably, coming-up for air with a mouth full of wood shards. Nice....

We then picked up dad from work and drove the boys over to an ice-cream place I was taken to by a friend from the church. The walls are covered in tins/pictures/signs/memorabilia. There are children's toys and books and items for dressing-up all over. Both wee ones were droopy and Scott's allergies were distracting him, so it was pretty dull. But, it would be a fun place to take a group of chil'ens.

I am sooo excited for Ranne to see Sayler's video for today. He's in bed coughing through his nap right now. But, when they wake, both he a Toby will be thrilled. THANK YOU. We sure love you all.

To explain Toby's 'stage', we're really beginning training with him on not fussing when he doesn't get something he wants (including food off our plates) and with coming and staying. He's become quite the adventurous independant and finds all this difficult. Another part of this is his I-can-do-anything spirit. Scott was on the floor at the base of the couch yesterday helping Toby roll off head-first onto Scott's stomach. Toby became ecstatic and hyper as their game progressed. Scott eventually became bored and went to sit at the table to do a little work. Toby climbed up on the couch using a stool (he's not done that before) and pushed himself off, headfirst onto the wood, his head bending the VERY wrong direction. He was pretty traumatized. What was he thinking? I sat watching the whole thing like a dumby, not expecting him to go shooting himself off. THEN, he climbed back up as if he thought he just had bad form and was going to try again. I removed him and the stool from the couch, feeling like a heart attack was in my future just from watching his antics.

NOW, I am yet again going to skip cleaning bathrooms to go outside and work in the wonderfully cool air and warm sun.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Parties and Pities

The wonderful video of Ranne having "Happy Birthday" sung to him was absent-mindedly recorded over tonight. I feel crushed. It was sooo good. Well, here are some pictures of his "Turning 3" party. Several friends came over, bringing their children, Ranne's buddies, to play for the morning. I found an "Outback" party theme idea online that would be really fun if one went all out with it for a seven-year-old, but we have a nearly-three-year-old. So all we did was hide little reptiles/dinosaurs around the yard for the kids to hunt. It was a fun time-filler and got the kids outside, though it ended up being windy and cold.

I'll include a picture of one of the dinosaurs Ranne found in the yard.

Other stuff:
Toby and Ranne's naps are not quite jiving together lately. Here's what I teach Toby to do when R's sleeping and we're bored.

With enough air pressure behind the ball, it can be shot rather far. My brother taught me this with a ping-pong ball at the student center when we were in our college-years and had too much time. Brendan would look at me, seemingly normal with the ball hidden in mouth, and then shoot the slobbery thing at my head--often. Now I teach my 16-mo old son to put similar small, round objects in his mouth when we're doing nothing productive. Look at those ears!
This morning I woke to hear Ranne fuss a tiny bit, then noticed his breathing sounded frightening. After jolting upright, hitting Scott and asking a, "Does his breathing sound strange?" question, we heard an enormous bang. He, at that moment, fell out of his bed. Scott went for him and returned with a raspy boy who had, I guess, walked across his bed in panic and fell off on his head. Scott took him to urgent care to be told he has croup. His vocal chords are swollen, making it hard for him to breath. They gave us a steroid to help the swelling. It VERY slowly got better over the day, but he just woke and it is worse again. We gave him some of his prescription just now, planning on a lighter dose in the morning. Poor thing's knot on his head is pretty big and greenish. Here he is trying to down some lunch:

So, that's the latest. Goodnight all.

Heavenly Aromas


Thank you for the prayers! Ranne has croup. His vocal chords are swollen making breathing difficult, for which they're prescribed a steroid, and he has an ear infection. She, the doctor, said going outside in the cold wind would be good for him (shrink down the swelling), but he'll, or has been, contagious for five days. We noticed his feeling bad on Sunday, so will keep him home Wednesday (his birthday) from church and then all should be fine. Though by then Toby will probably have it.

Scott just took Ranne to Urgent Care. He woke this morning with loud, raspy breaths. I jolted awake as I heard the breathing. Then he must have walked across the bed in a strange state because he then fell off and hit his head on the wood floors, obtaining a good goose-egg on his dear, prominant forehead. I held him for over an hour while he rested on me, taking in air in that funny thick way. It sounds almost asthmatic, which is frightening, but could also be just some sort of bronchial infection. We'll see soon. They should just be getting in to UC.

The point of this is just to ask for prayers. I am worried, but know God holds Ranne as very dear and will provide. Your bringing him before God's throne, I know, will be a sweet aroma the Lord will notice and attend to.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


What a better time to count blessings than now, just having had a miserable time with my wee man Tobyus.

Things I like and generally appreciate about Scott (copying Sydni with no shame what-so-ever):
  • That he loves God.
  • The way he loves our boys and LIKES to teach them. Lately he's been trying to expose Ranne to a new three syllable word every day.
  • That he is so 'himself' and everyone who sticks around long enough, adores him.
  • That he's generous toward me and others, never holding back when an opportunity to bless or serve comes along.
  • That he twists his hair into knots on his head when he's thinking hard or focused on a book.
  • That he works so hard to enable me to be home with the boys, yet doesn't try to pressure me to be.
  • That he's the best muffin/pancake/waffle man I know, making the best breakfasts ever--and is willing to don an apron.
  • That he compliments the work I do and doesn't complain when I am behind at home. Instead he helps me catch up and get back on track.
  • That he lets me get out often and never complains.
  • That he keeps his 'to do' list in a very large expandable folder.
  • That every major decision in our family is faced with scripture, prayer and strength.
  • That he makes an effort to be affectionate and is good at it.
  • That he's good at just about any activity (even birthing classes).
  • That he's terrible, and irritable, with computers.
  • That he listens to me to understand. And that when he listens to people in general, it's with compassion and encouragement.

Things that I like and generally appreciate about Ranne:

  • That his face is so open and expressive; his features are large and soft, like a calf's.
  • That he delights in adventure. We often get in the car with no purpose but explore and he likes it.
  • That he quivers and giggles with glee when a well cooked breakfast is headed for his plate.
  • That he shares his imagination with me, making the outlandish touchable for my adult brain.
  • That he speaks of himself in the third person often.
  • That he grins when his little brother tackles him. He just braces his feet so not to fall over.
  • That he asks a friend of ours shamelessly for gifts and our preacher for candy.
  • That he so wonderfully prays to God; it's very comfortable and conversational.
  • That he likes to cuddle in the rocking chair in a towel after baths.
  • That when he watches his cousin Sayler's videos, she's talking directly to him.
  • That he likes to help.
  • That when he's about to be disciplined, he tells me "Mom, you're beautiful. Yeah, your special."

Things I like and generally appreciate about Tobyus:
  • That he sparkles.
  • That he has an ornery streak.
  • That he delights over the same book, "God Made You to Love You" every night and nap time. He giggles on the laugh page, grabs his toes on the toes page and snores on the sleep page.
  • That he pokes EVERYTHING with his little pointer finger.
  • That he says, 'OOOhhhh" when he's excited and throws his arms toward the interesting thing.
  • That he'll chase down dogs and other interesting and moving objects.
  • That his first word was amen and now he says, "Plee (ase), foo (d), dre (drink)" in his pleasant little voice.
  • That he cuddles.
  • That he already sticks out his chest and struts when he's proud about doing something good.
The lists could go on and on! Thanks Sydni.

So, the other day, Ranne ate his whole plate of food on his own. He SHOVELED broccoli down by the forkful. My jaw dropped and I promised to blog the event. Dinner was baked chicken pieces (usually dreaded), broccoli and potatoes.

I was looking at pictures of my cousin Rhianna's wedding. Her husband washed her feet during the ceremony. Ranne saw this and exclaimed, "Just like Jesus!".

During his birthday party, right as everyone had gathered to sing the birthday song, he said, "Sing it LOUD!". Then when it was over he said, "Thank you for the song and candles!"

I'm not done here. I'll edit it more later, add some pictures and fill you all in on our daily grind.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Vanity

Okay, I was going to go on at length about our wonderful Valentine's Day. However, it seems very small be so happy and love-y about all the things Scott does for me that I like or notice. SO instead I wanted to say: I have the most wonderful, gracious, patient, loving capable husband anywhere. I'm honored to be his wife and want to thank his parents profusely for training-up and loving their sweet boy so wonderfully.

I do want to show off what he came home with. It's so very kind and thoughtful:

When he came home from his evening activities, he had in his possession a sweet little vanity for our room. Our bathrooms have NO counter space, so he bought it for me to use. It's definitely an antique. I am amazed with how stable it is for having such delicate looking legs. What is that style? Queen Ann or something.

I want to really praise Sydni, though I know she wasn't looking for or wanting it, for counting her blessing for her husband and daughter, especially before the silly day of Valentines. I have decided to copy her here in the next day or two and do the same on my blog. I've been talking with a friend about the need to remember God's blessings and provision when life is hard or not 'perfect'. Facing the future with a thankful heart makes so much difference with our expectation, acceptance and contentment in the moment.

Don't get me wrong. For some strange reason I really like all the pink and red and glitter and hearts. SO, thank you Syd for the V. Day card. I was so excited to get it. We love you all, family and friends, and pray for you each individually as well as your families. May God make his love active and tangible in all of you.

On the side, I want to write these down about the boys. I am sure to forget if this isn't done now!

When our friend, Jessie, and her son Ethan came over for lunch the other day, the boys were excited to be using the toilet on their own so kept going back to the bathroom. Ranne went in several times. The first, he came out without pants. The second, his underwear was on backwards as he ran by us. The third time they were inside out. The next time, they were on correctly and the last time were not on at all. It was so funny to see him darting by in a different style every few minutes.

Ranne has been pretending he's a penguin. He'll be sitting in the back of the car with Toby, tired from a long morning out and say, "Mama, you have two tired little penguins back here." When we go to Wal-Mart, he will waddle all over the store, fingers sticking out from hands held to his hips, right by the basket. He is a very well behaved penguin.

I went to a party with some ladies last Tuesday. Ranne has not liked it lately when I go out in the evening. This happens about once a week, or once every two weeks. As I was leaving, he began to panic and ran to get his shoes. When explaining he was going to stay with Dad, he cried huge tears (though didn't fuss) and said, "This little penguin can go! He'll get his shoes on and run really fast after you." It tore my heart in two. So innocent.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jumping Snowmen

I had mentioned long-lost friends coming over a while back. We had a nice time catching-up. Hopefully we'll do it again very soon. Here are a couple pictures of that night:

Before I forget, there are all sorts of funnies:

Last week Scott was breaking fast next to Ranne. Scott would occasionally jump at Ranne, growling an, "AAaahhhh!" Ranne looked thoughtful as he smiled at the silliness. The last time, as his dad jumped toward him, Ranne stuck his face in his dad's and yelled, "AAaahhhh!" Ranne then sat back, raised his eyebrows and chuckled saying, "The dinosaur surprised you."

Sunday morning, my brother and his family visited the church we are a part of. When talking with them before services, Ranne wandered down to the front where Scott, who was to lead singing, was. Services began and I headed down to retrieve him. But, Scott and he were sitting calmly on the FRONT row, as if they were going to try Ranne sitting/standing still during the worship time. I left them to it.

As I sat wrestling Toby, a friend said, "Oh look, there's Ranne. He's so cute." I looked up to see him standing on the front pew waving at his dad. He would turn around and grin to those behind him (the WHOLE church), nodding and pointing them to Scott who was leading the songs. I stood up in the back and when he saw me, I signed for him to sit facing forward. When he first noticed me there, he waved and smiled. After seeing what I wanted he obeyed immediately, but it was too late. He had attention and waves and grins going all over the section behind him. GGGGRRRRRRR. I apologized profusely to those who teased me about it later. We have a lot to work on. He is 'so cute'!

Today we were at the Thursday Free Lunch at the CSC. Various congregations put it on to 'promote' their group and feed hungry, needy college kids. There was a table surrounded by college-aged folk--as well as Scott and me. Ranne ran up hungry, so I fixed him a bowl of soup and set him down at another table with his friend Ethan. After sitting again with Scott and talking, everyone at our table heard a funny growling speech. We looked over and Ranne, with folded hands and eyes clamped shut, was growling his prayer through his dinosaur voice.

This morning after eating his first muffin, he told Scott, "The dinosaur would like another muffin." "Well,"said dad, "do you want another Ranne?" He answered, "No, just the dinosaur."

Ranne's imagination is flourishing. Snowmen in the yard are his dear friends. He tells me where they stand and how to converse with them. He tells me what's on their agenda and all of their names, well really the two of them. Ranne's eyes become huge and sparkle with belief as he pours concrete into a form (hamper) and then runs to get us hammers to nail on the lid, or when he helps "Frosty" off his rooftop perch, or rocks his baby rabbit in a basket as Jesus in a manger. He also has some puppets: a lion, bear and dog. He uses the lion often to pick-up his toys for him, etc.... He drives me crazy with wanting books read to him. It's great, but ug!

Toby runs and runs, especially now that he's feeling better. He's eating like a horse, though it takes him an hour to get through a meal. He does endearing little baby things, like blowing air out of his mouth when we wipe his nose (Scott was trying to teach him how to blow from his nostrils by puffing air in his face when wiping snot). His favorite toy is now anything out of the kitchen garbage and he really likes to put items in the small toilet after it's been used. YUCK. He still shines those eyes at people for their attention and wrinkles his nose. These pics: Toby running, Toby at his sickest with the flu, and my handsome one.

Ranne and Ethan have become very much like brothers. It seems in bible class, they compete for the ornery prize and have to be separated as well as forget all their "please"s and "thank you"s. We are putting a plan in place to fix that, but these teachers just won't share these things with us. We have to hear it from someone else! I don't want to think my child is perfect, just to train them to do as well as possible! Soapbox.


Scott's work is really picking up with appointments and such. He seems to really be rolling and having fun. Today an old friend came in to recruit him for a 100-mile bike ride around Albuquerque. Life is full of possibilities for him. I just try to keep my coffee from dripping from my cup and to keep the house clean. So exciting.

Friday night, the guys had their first men's study that went super well. It lasted an extra hour and was attended by many more men than have normally been coming. Please pray that the excitement continues.

The same night the woman went ice-skating at a rink in town. They were hilarious, circling the rink in a bunched-up group, giggling and dancing around. Hm. Well, they knew it was a group activity and were good about trying to have fun together. I think it was successful. If I had skated, I would have been the mean one, skating alone to see how fast I could go. Not so good.

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl Party at the CSC. One of the gals works at a flooring supply place. She lent us a large number of flats to raise the couches at the Center, making comfy risers for viewers' pleasure. A company or person, I'm not sure, loaned a VERY large flat screen for the game as well. The food was overwhelming. BTW, potato skins are a cheap and good appetizer to make.

Hm. It snowed hard the other day, leaving us with a couple inches. Scott, Ranne and Toby went out 7:30-8:30 pm to build a wonderful snowman, which explains R's sudden fascination with them. When they finished the form, I fetched a carrot for the nose. Scott handed it to Ranne and said, "Where should it go?" Ranne stuck it in "Frosty" at waist level and I literally fell over laughing. I think Scott was disgusted with my amusement of it. We took a picture, but only after Scott insisting we raise the carrot a little higher first. Toby was inside for most of this adventure as he still hates his winter coat, feeling too restricted for having fun.

Not too much to say. God bless you and protect you as you walk with Him!