Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Usual, Please

The Usual, Please.
This corner is where I sew.  Thanks to Scott, there are shelves and plenty of light for my small projects.    Pinterest has inspired me to try a few things.  The latest actual sewing project is a child's apron.  The adult one wasn't the best pattern.  I'm just going to have to do my own....

 The boys made sock puppets at the Johnsons.  Those Thursday nights have turned out to be some of the boys' favorite.  Cousin time is good!

 Dad is strong.

My children are precious.

Scott's birthday was nice!  We woke to a skiff of snow, a Farmer Boy breakfast that included apple pie, and gifts.  The boys picked out a fireman's hose nozzle.  He didn't seem THRILLED but was humored by that one.  It probably just looked like work: car washing, yard and house work....  Ah well.

Toby set up this monster to guard the house from scary dogs that might try to get in.

 Tulips for Aunt Dora's birthday, which we forgot to send home with her, and little lemons I found at Walmart.  They smell AMAZINGLY sweet and are nearly the color of oranges.  I may go back for more!  Lemonade?

Aunt Dora's birthday was the 30th, yesterday.  We had her to the house, setting out china, silver and crystal she gave us.  The linens were a gift from Uncle Ronald and Aunt Raht. The boys did great, eating quietly so we could hear her and her stories.  What a blessing she is!  I think a cake plate or stand is needed, though.  My white plate wasn't quite enough for that rich Chocolate Coffee Bunt Cake.  It was delicious!

Scott took the kids outside for a walk so I could finish getting the dinner ready and he returned with these.  I didn't know a flower shop opened up at the end of the street.  The scary little thrift store is now an art gallery and flower shop.  The flower people are the same as those on the airbase.

As I scroll through these pictures, I realize most everything in them was gifted to our family: from furniture to table linens to clothes.  Thank you, Lord, and thank you family.  We are doing so well and enjoying our little family thoroughly.  God bless you all as well.

Monday, January 2, 2012


It has been months since posting.  I have no appologies.  Finding a solid chunk of spare time is tough, though little bits here and there are daily found, especially for snapping a few pictures.
This picture below was a good halloween picture I enjoyed.  It was not staged.  Sleeping Beauty was startled by this thrown snake landing on her in this very fashion.  She woke screaming and I could do nothing but leave her there and take a picture for you.  She'll thank me on the day of her wedding as the slide show before the ceremony flashes such images by.

She might even like this one.  Joyful, sweet girl.

It is important that you take a good look at this shot.  Trey's face and my thumbnail came into contact while he was being buckled in the car.  He then went and told the preacher of our home church that I hit him in the face, which our preacher related in the presence of visitors one Sunday.  So fun....  Trey was very proud of his injury.  He'd stand in front of the mirror with a silly grin, stroking the scratch.

Can't you see this huge child tackling someone in football one day.  Eh, maybe....

These two shots show that we definitely have a girl.  Her moods swing widely, and often in an immediate fashion.

Good smiles from this handsome fellow are hard to come by, as he's usually the odd clown of the family.

And here you see the dangers of sleeping with brain squeezers on.  Or perhaps it's just a sleeping mask she uses for traveling.

And here, she's definitely our Toby's sister.

Ranne is huge and Trey is not.

This wee girl is making me very, very tired.

 And THANKSMAS! with the Johnsons.  We all decended on Grandma Johnson's home in Amarillo to celebrate: Dad and Brenda's anniversary, Thanksgiving, Dad's birthday and Christmas.  It was a wonderful, relaxing time.  Sadly, I have no pictures of my cousins Taen and Andrew or Uncle Ron and Aunt Raht.  The boys are still talking about them and how much they like them.

He had no idea he sat on a bow.  Cute for us.

 Dad recorded the story in this book.  They still listen to it daily when I leave it out.

Aunt Angie giving goooood cuddles.

Dad's birthday!

Decent picture.
 Goofy picture.

Days without brother Ranne have been 'different'.  These two hit it off quite well, which I really hoped for.  So while we miss him, that's a blessing.

Playing with the new camera Dad and Brenda gave us for Christmas.  So fun!  Their eyes!

Can you turn down your mouth like this?  Wow.

We went to see the Lights Parade.  It's been going on in Albuquerque for some time, though we never heard about it.  It think it mostly showcased the owners of the Low-Riders in town who are also the majority of the New Mexico State Fair Parade.  In this first picture you see the NewMexichords singing, the group Scott used to sing with.

 This was in the hotel lobby where we spent most of our time waiting for the parade.  We were trying to stay out of the snow, rain and  cold.

 Again, this new friendship is just awesome.

Can't beat Dad time.  Heman.

We also, my first time ever, went to cut a Christmas tree.  It took us 1 1/2 hour to get to 'the spot', but we all had fun much of the time.  We stopped to get our tree tag and Trey found this new seat.  We forgot he wasn't in his seat so drove with him perched like this until his brother's finally informed us.  Nice.
 Did you know it snows here sometimes?

This shot amuses me greatly because Toby, who despises weather of any kind, spent most of his time in the car.  He only got to see the tree after it was hunted down and cut by Scott, Ranne and Trey.
 Trey's opinion of snow.
 Again, Heman.  Scott hauling the tree, sled and two boys.

 Yes, I do exist.  I have to take the picture to prove it and remember occasionally.

Oh so proud of his church building.

Christmas baking.

Claire with a new church member.  Yes, I took a picture of them in class because they matched exactly: black, purple and light pink.  She should have taken Claire home just for that.

Ranne being absolutely delightful.
 And Claire too.....

 On the way to get our family photo's taken.  Edgewood, NM.  Again, it snows here sometimes.

Gingerbread houses with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brendan and their girls.

A woman in the church emailed us an Advent calendar.  Every day there would be a fun little clip or activity. They thought it was the BEST thing ever to wake up to.

Where else does Santa come in when there is no fireplace?


I have no idea why but he took off his PJs in the night.

Thank you Grandpa!

Can you see what he has on top of his shoe?  Two wheels that strap on the one's heel like a skate.  Death trap, I tell you, and VERY exciting.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

A GREAT ironer!  Who knew?  I am sure glad to know now!

 Wonderful gifts from Aunt Sunny and Sydni.  What talent!  They're inspiring me to learn something--someday.

Maybe my most favorite picture?  What sweetness.

I finally polished up the silver Aunt Dora gave us.  WOW.  I can't wait to have her over to show her!

Baby chub HAS to be documented.  It is the best thing God ever, ever gave a mama!

Ranne can get this huge smile out of his sister whenever he wants to.  It's rather amazing.

And sledding too!  We went with good friends and family of the church.  Very fun.
 Again, Trey's opinion of snow.
 Some of the crew.
 Dear Stacy Means and one of her five.
 Toby sporting a great hat made by our neighbor.  I think it's supposed to be an Angry Bird hat but he thinks it's an owl and not an angry bird.

Lastly, our family shots.  I am planning on printing and mailing these out.

Much love and many blessing to you all this 2012!