Friday, January 30, 2009


I wanted to write this last time, but spaced it until yesterday.

Ranne was allowed to go to "Bible Hour", which is the children's class during church services, while we were out of town. He's begged to go for a year now. When we got home and asked him about it, he kept referring to it as: Happy Hour. Very funny.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snitching Broken Bread

Toby's Sunday teacher sent us this picture. The class was greatly amused when, teaching the children about the Lord's Supper, Toby treated himself to the whole loaf. I delight in his expression! Such pleasure.

Scott let me go on the college ski trip this last weekend. The boys stayed with good friends who they love dearly. From what was told, the kids did great overall. We're so glad they can adapt and do things like this without too much trauma. Toby's been VERY happy to be huggy and there's been a bit of training to be relearned, but overall it's been an easy recovery.

When reading a book about animals with Ranne the other day, we were looking at a picture of a Saddleback Caterpillar. I asked him, "Do you remember what this bug is called?" "Oh, yes." he responded. "A Cadillac."

I told Ranne his dad's birthday was coming and that we should find him a gift at the next store outing. "Why don't you think about what your dad likes. We can then look for that." I suggested. He instantly said he wanted to get him a bottle of Gatorade, which is actually very smart and what Scott would surely enjoy.

My Grammy comes tomorrow to begin her stay with us. I'm not sure how long she'll be here, as she wants to spend more time with Brendan and Sarah as well. It will be nice to put her in our 'guest room' and have her around to visit with. From what I hear, the roof on their house that was burnt is now being restored.

Baby is low and contractions (BH) come fairly regularly now. I'm hoping for an early, but healthy, delivery from this condition. 33 weeks tomorrow.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Seedy Thoughts

This morning, I used the last of our frozen pumpkin puree for muffins. Ranne asked me if it had another pumpkin in it. "Yes." I said, "It has the last of your pumpkin in it." He wondered where it was and was told it was all mushed up in the batter. He chewed and thought for a while, pulled out a walnut piece and said, "Look, it's a muffin seed!"

Friday, January 9, 2009

Catching Up Is Hard to Do


When Toby wants held lately, he'll bump me and say, "Hold you, Mama. Hold you." It warms my heart.

Last night, I was talking with a woman from the church at the CSC. Toby came, wanting my attention. It was a first, actually, so he's not been 'trained' on what to do. He came up and tapped me, saying, "Hep, Mama.", repeatedly. I responded by asking him to 'hold on', whatever that means, and so he began bumping my leg with his head. When that didn't work, he bashed his face as hard as he could on my knee a couple times, would rub his nose and do it again.

We moved Toby into the bottom of Ranne's trundle bed yesterday. It's been an amazingly easy transition. He hasn't even tried to climb out before sleeping, though he was up this morning to smear a hard-boiled egg all over the table that was left there overnight. It's been interesting to see the things he chooses to do when left to his own devices. I never would have imagined....

When Scott stood up for announcements at the CSC last night, Ranne ran to the front saying, "DAAAD. Don't forget to tell them about the men's study tomorrow at 5:30 am." So helpful. There's no men's study going on right now either, but it was very important that everyone knew.

Ranne is also very much into patting the baby and talking to it. Ranne's decided all the good and bad things he intends on teaching him and talks of it often. A sweet woman from the church gave him a gift certificate for Target. He wanted very badly to share it with the baby, but all the things he found were much too expensive. He wanted the brightest, best and, surprisingly, most educational. I should have just bought what he found and let him be proud. We may make a special trip for him to find something 'just right' to welcome his new brother.

Enough of that. Just wanted to share.

Here are pictures, though not too clear, of the window coverings recently installed. Scott, with the help of Garrett and our neighbor, has also blown insulation into the ceiling. We're anxious to see what kind of difference it all makes on the next bill.

A Student Center Christmas party was hosted by one of our ladies. She and the other women of the ministry did a beautiful job providing food and decorating for the event. A very fun time was had.

In this picture below, Toby is ramming his head under the legs of the patient young man in the blue shirt. Toby's into bridges, tunnels and trains, so finds various objects to climb through.

Notice the ring of men. WOW and sheesh!

We kept stressing to Ranne that Christmas is about God's gift to us of Jesus. Therefore, we give to bless others. BUT, at the church, a Christmas party was thrown for the kids during class time. Santa arrived and the children were told to tell Santa what they wanted. It all changed in Ranne's heart after that night. Ranne was greatly anticipating Santa's arrival, then, which we had been telling him was a fun 'game'. Our neighbor's very sweet and thoughtful idea of coming over dressed as Santa also added onto the 'realness' of something I wanted to be just 'fun'. Sigh. They're young. We'll know better next year....

And here our Christmas began. We were greatly blessed with a visit from Papa and Nana Johnson, as we were unable to travel this year. The boys ate up the attention. It surprised me how much they remembered about Nana and Papa from the stay we had with them last summer.

Dad seems to be recovering from his shoulder injury fairly well. It seems to be a very long process.

On Christmas Eve, we dined on Betty Free's Clam Chowder as well as sausage lentil soup. Both were a hit. In the evening, cookies for Santa were decorated and put out. Santa took them all. Bummer to preggo mama, but then where's my spirit of giving and blessing mentioned before?

Christmas morning, stockings were opened. It was very important to Scott to shop for the fillers on Christmas Eve, especially for fruit and juice. He did a great job.

And then gifts! Scott wore this apron from Sydni most of the day.

Gift exchange:

Aftermath faces and nearing nap time.

Last night here for the Johnsons :-( Probably the warmest night at the River of Lights I've ever experienced.

The turtle below was designed by my brother and then built for exhibit. It is very different from the other displays and PRETTY.

Ranne's favorite display was the tractor.

Can you tell that the picture below is a beehive and bees. Very cute!

This seems super long, impersonal and boring. That's what happens when waiting too long to relate it all. We do love you all and hope your new year is full, productive, and peaceful.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Just for You, Foldings

So, much has gone on since the last blog, especially Dad and Brenda's visit. I do intend to blog it, but we haven't slowed down until today. I, first, have a quick treat for the Folding family who worked for some time in Tucson.

Scott visited with a couple from there, the Knapps, last Sunday at Mountainside. I was home sick so totally unaware of this until yesterday. We came home from being gone yesterday 9am-7pm to recieve a call from David that his wife and two youth ministers would be in town at 9:30 and still expected to stay with whoever Scott arranged them to stay with. Well, he forgot, so we rushed around like crazy people, preparing. The boys were shuffled into our room and the trundle Ranne sleeps on was made into two beds. Thankfully the guest bedroom was recently fixed up enough for company.

Two Travis's and Mrs. Knapp showed up. They said they slept well, but I dunno. Ranne's bed is mighty small for two big guys, converting into two twins.
This picture, Jeremy, is for you especially:

Here are just a couple others. Now, for a nap....

Please pray for my Aunt, Uncle and Grammy. Their home burned down (a large portion of it) and they are now in a hotel. Grammy will be coming here for some time, from what I hear. I haven't spoken to them directly.