Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Lazy Update

I found pictures!  I figured out how to get the shots off the phone's camera.  Yay!  Here are more of Claire on the day after her birth:

Too cute!

Sleeping Sweetie:

Waiting for brother to get out of school:

I've discovered putting a wee girl in bows and ruffles is more fun than expected.

 On Ranne's Fall Break we were going to take the boys balloon chasing.  It was a Friday.  Because of low clouds and rain the officials canceled the event, but NOT until we were nearly to the lift-off area.  So, we thought to take the train to Santa Fe and back since it's fairly inexpensive.  The train schedule would not have gotten us home until mid-afternoon, so we scratched that.  We tried going to a park but it began raining after arriving there.  Yikes!  We ended up going to McDonalds and waiting for Explora to open.  It was a very long morning and we had very sleepy children by the end. 
 Here Dad and boys watch a fountain dance.
Ranne is flying an airplane.

Trey is playing with an air table.

Toby's looking at vibration patterns.  Very fun!

I'll put Toby's birthday on here next but have to hunt down the camera.  I'm a disorganized mess....

Beautiful Work

Yes, Claire is beautiful work, but I'm talking about the editing. Brother Brendan took out the ugly warning sticker on the carseat from this picture. She may need a warning sticker later but not yet.