Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cares n' Bears

Sometimes, they're just pure sweetness. I liked these and wanted to share. OHHHH. He's so precious and those of you who've not seen him are sooo missing out!

Even if only for one night or two, the anticipation is thick for these two. They waited in the Jeep all morning as their dad packed the vehicle.

Just going with the flow, content to be in the middle of the activity.

Finally on our way after a stop for gasoline, a stop by the bank for camping ground fees, etc....
Ranne does not appreciate long drives, but his expressions entertain us all!

Once we arrived, the Jeep decided not to start. Not only this, but the camp grounds we stopped at did not have the water the map indicated. We figured we were stuck out there on a Monday with no water and no way home. Thankfully Scott brought his water filter and found a spring a short ways from the tent. The Jeep also started after setting a couple hours. This is a very good thing as Scott needed it to chase of the bears.

Day one lunch: PBnJ. Ahhh, bliss for little boys.

Naps did not go so well in the tent with the sun out. Toooo hot!

So much to learn and what a skilled, handsome teacher!

Okay, so you may not appreciate this, but most of these men shots were put here for amusement factor. They are quite funny, actually. The expressions on Ranne led me to pick most of them. If you notice, Toby also has an ornery look in most. He was trying to bug his brother throughout our picture taking session. I have dubbed him "Taunto" as it is quite fitting most of the time.

He is very proud of his first roasted marshmallow. We discovered an amazingly good addition to smores. Add a piece of caramel to the end of the stick . When you put it onto the graham cracker and the marshmallow folds over it to melt it into the chocolate, YUM!


And once again the story, pasted from Facebook:
"You should take a walk this morning. Go!", Scott told me this morning. I shuffled out the house. Happily walking through a bank parking lot, I saw an ant carrying an irregular piece of white something that was twice it's size and I smiled. God is amazing. I began trying to decide how to give the details of our bear run-in for Sunny:

My eyes sprung open under the warmth of the sleeping bag. BANG...BANG, BANG, BANG...BANG BANG. I thought, "Did someone come to set-up camp this early at the site next to ours?" We were two spaces away from the bathrooms and trashcans. No, the sound was too inconsistent to be campers. "Is it a bear trying to get into the trashcans? Should I check? No, I don't really want to talk to a bear right now, it's cold. But wait, two of our three boys smell like the marshmallows, chocolate, chicken and pineapple from the night before. Perhaps I SHOULD check because our tent contains rather temping smells on my children...." Yet, I buried my head further in the warmth anyway. Just then, Scott jumped out of our bag, put on his clothes, unzipped the tent and was silent for a moment.

"Hey you bears. Get back into the woods where you belong!" I hear him speak loudly. (He told me at this point, the bears crouched into a, "Hey, who said that?" stance.)

---I break here. While trying to figure out a way to give the bears a funny New Mexican tone to their surprise in my event-telling, I look up from my walk to see a very, very tall man in a black trench coat with a black Michael Jackson hat, black shoes and a black scarf covering his face carrying a Katana sword. He is walking away from an older Asian couple who are dressed in tropical tourist clothes and sitting in a small green park. "Wild", I thought. "Should I be walking here? Is there some conspiracy brewing?"-----

Crunch, crunch goes his feet on the gravel of our ultra car-camper's site, decked-out with a fire pit, grill and flat area for a tent. The Jeep door opened and slammed, the engine fired taking its twenty-seconds to rev-up, and off Scott drove toward the trashcans. The Jeep stopped, hummed there for a couple minutes and then the engine turned off. No noise was to be heard for some time.

"Hey Mom?" says Toby in the silence. My head pops out of the sleeping bag. "Toby, hush! There are bears out there!" I whisper. (I didn't know where they went after Scott drove up the hill.) I am positive there's a snuffling, sniffing sound outside the tent, even though Scott assured me later the bears ran the other direction. Toby curled up in a ball, hiding his head and is perfectly silent.

The birds wind back up in their morning concert after seeing the bear show is over.

The Jeep door slammed and I hear a jolly crunch coming down the road away from the vehicle. Scott's beaming face shone as he unzipped the tent and poked in his head. "Are the boys awake to hear this? Oh, I guess it won't matter. They're too little to understand. I just chased off two bears, one was at least 300 pounds and they were prying off the panels on the bear-proof trash bins. One was licking whipped cream off a place when I yelled at them." I then say, "WHAT!!! Should we stay here? Will they come back?"

That pretty much tuned the kids into what was going on. Ranne, who was pretending to be asleep through the whole ordeal, sat up in his bed and began relating the whole event through his own heroic involvement. Ironically, we all got up and I put on Toby's shirt for the day picturing a Grizzly bear head with the word "GROWL" on it. We left that evening.

As I walked back through the bank parking lot by a different route, I saw the same ant with its irregular piece of something. He made it a long ways!

Sorry about the grammar, especially with tense. I'm in a hurry and kids are loose.

I was trying to get him to make a mad face for the camera just to be silly. He just couldn't muster it up.

Trey's good friends, the fish and starfish on his carseat. He is the only one of the boys to enjoy this gift Scott bought for Ranne four years ago.

Homeward. The Jeep sets them too upright to rest their heads back. They were VERY tuckered out.

Softballs, etc....

Bible Time involves five now as Trey's beginning to be awake more. It's so special to spend evenings/mornings with the boys and Scott, talking about the power and love of God!

Sarah had us over last Friday to play in the sprinkler and pool. How fun! And their yard is so perfect with soft grass and shade.

CSC Softball Tournament:
This is an event hosted by the CSC. Benefits go to the student center. The teams participating are church leagues throughout the city.

We are tremendously grateful for all the help pulling off this year's softball tournament. Not as many teams signed up this year, but we hope the added attractions: live music, jumper and mini golf for kids, shade, stylish shirts, hats and bags, raffle drawing, etc... will attract more teams in 2010. Doubling the tournament and better promoting sponsors will make it greater next year.


Fashion designed by THE Brendan Johnson


Handy dandy bag designed by Scott Paden

Getting ready.

Rig for the pitching contest

Winner: Curtis the Sniper

Evan hanging shade (a new amenity).


The Games.

Fun for Kids (also new)

The miniature golf course should be more extensive next year. However, the blocks were movable, so by the time these young men were done rearranging the obstacles, they had created and played an 18-hole course! Ha!