Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Daisypath Vacation tickers

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Later First; Early Last

Well, these pictures are all mixed up in dates. But, they catch up on our little lives to the most current shots.

This is where our kitchen stands now. We just received the last of the cabinets to install, Scott bought the pantry door to paint, I painted the window sash to ready it for blinds. So, it's closer! Hopefully by the time Dad and Brenda come in a couple weeks much will be done. I am also trying to de-paper the main bath. The wallpaper is just too old and dirty. I don't want to look at it any longer.

Trey has moved into his new/old car seat. He didn't like it at first but has figured out that, unlike his little boat-like seat, he can sprawl out a bit more.

All three kiddos and I have been attending the once-a-week preschool. This is 'graduation'. Both boys did great during the program.

We've done glasses pictures before, but there always sooo cute.

Ranne's bed making skills:

Trey's standing skills. He spends much of his day trying to perfect it.

Ranne found a snail while his dad filled in some dead areas of our lawn with a bit of sod a friend had left over. He took it to the porch and they admired him for a couple days!

Cousin A's birthday party at the Paint Corral:
Toby paints pink.
Ranne paints camo.
Cousin A covered every inch of her cat.
Sweet C did a very good job with her cat.
Listening to instructions.

Our pretty tree!
He was not this big last year, hanging there.
We are using our Montana gifts!

Little K, born a week earlier than Trey.

Toby's shoe tying skills :-)

And bed....

His favorite chew toy: Nerf darts. He looks like a little gangster.

The outfit Grandma Free made: so sweet!

Nerf again:

Long desired Transformer and late birthday gift:
Obviously I'm not into story telling this time. Sorry. But, at least you wonderful Grandparents won't be too shocked by their growth when we get to see you! You're loved and we look forward to seeing everyone, Lord willing.