Friday, September 9, 2011

She's Here, Right On Time

Anne Claire

Dad and daughter make acquaintance. Scott did another wonderful job of catching the baby, meaning he didn't drop her or pass out. After she was done being messed with by the doctor and nurses, he and she had some nice time.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but it does clearly show one of her "sides".

Super cute. She came back like a puppy from the groomers with bows glued in her hair and smelling sweet.

Meeting her big bro for the first time. He likes holding her a LOT.

Lots of wonderful visitors came. I have pictures of a small fraction here, still needing to figure out how to load the ones off the phone onto the computer. Shouldn't be too hard.

Going home:
And some of you have asked if the boys like her:
Too cute.

Sweet Trey.

September 7th was the due date for the arrival of our daughter. We expected her to come early, as did her last two brothers, but apparently she isn't one who likes to surprise people. She was quite punctual.
John and Betty, Scott's parents, came a whole week early and have been a great help. You know in that last week, just getting around and thinking straight is a major challenge. They have helped tremendously just by loving on the boys (they have the laps for book reading that mom lost about two months ago). Of course, Betty and John being generous and wonderful, also helped a lot with chores here and even getting/taking Ranne to school. I'm thankful.
Yet, everyone still seems very glad that the waiting game is over and our sweet girl has arrived. She's been cuddled and sung to and kissed and changed often. She's very girly so far.