Friday, March 26, 2010

Work and Work

So, poor Ranne and Toby. I've been taking some sweet baby pictures, but they older two are so busy on their own, I don't get many of them! Sweet Trey is dining fine at friends house while we house sit for them, our kitchen being still out of commission. I sealed the grout and we left so it could sit 48-hours without being walked on. Thankfully, our friends needed a sitter for their home and dogs.

The Student Center organized a trip to Gallup, NM for a mission trip over spring break. Five college-aged people joined the Schmille and Free families at a children's home to: install a French door in an office, paint an apartment/classroom, and paint a large art/math room. The CSC people also led morning devotionals for the christian school located at the home. We stayed in an empty cottage and were warmly welcomed by the church and staff there. It was definitely a good experience. I was VERY impressed with the integrity and work-ethic of those who came, not feeling embarrassed at all to admit we were there. You never know what kind of job some people will do with a paintbrush.

The boys enjoyed visiting the horse. Every time I pet him, he yawned.

Pretty couple.
Wonderful kids. This was a birthday party hosted by a member of the local Gallup community. He comes once a month to put on a party with AWANA volunteers.

This is the group. They spent nightly, much time developing the next day's morning devotion.

This kitchen work was done before we left for Gallup. More friends helped all day. Scott bought a new porcelain sink, weighing 160lbs, at least. YIKES! They're made out of cast iron. If you keep asking how far the kitchen is, this is it. There's MUCH work to do yet. Sigh. BUT, Scott and others are doing such a good, quality job. It'll be a joy to host people when it's done.

Easter Fun

Kitchen. This is what we have now. It cooks and is plumbed. Yay!

I bought these inexpensive shirts for the boys thinking it's the last year I probably can dress them alike. There are two perks. 1) The shirts are easy to spot for summer outings to the zoo etc.. 2) If I lose one child, I can tell security, "He looks just like this other child but smaller/bigger."

Take one.

Take two.
Take three.

Take four.

Take five.

Take six. HA!

And they continue to grow through Tuesday School. There are only four weeks left, which I'm very glad about.

And today! The Bowles hosted another playgroup Easter Party. It's always fun. We had to pick up our vacuum on that side of town, so it was good timing to be in the area.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The laundry room. There remains trim and door painting.

The new countertop is ready and waiting. We hope to get in put in Saturday.

Do any of you remember our old cabinets. These are new new ones specially made to match the metal ones, though they are wood. The cabinet makers seemed very pround of themselves. It's nice, in a weird way, to be in a recession. The contractors around town are more willing to do the job for an affordable price when they need the work. The are beautiful, though the finishes will vary. The new powder-coat finish on the metal ones. Is GREAT! My neice and sons' friends (they have all commented on our dirty kitchen) will be very happy to see that they look clean.

I have dubbed the kitchen, Mama's "Happy Room". Do not fuss or you will be put in there to stare at the happy yellow walls. So pretty! It'll be really nice with the white cabinets and dark countertops. Yes, the yellow on the floor is my work. The gorgous walls and electrical fixtures are Scott's. I like how different the yellow looks in different light. All pretty. Scott, though, keeps singing the Bobcats song when he looks from the kitchen into the blue dining room. TOO much.

Sigh. So clean. Notice the floor! Chad, David, Garrett and Scott did such a nice job! THANK YOU.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness

This seems to be muchly about Ranne this time. He's just been very dynamic and fun! Here he is enjoying the last? snow of the season. Also, a tower he built was very exciting for him, definitely worthy of a picture.

In bible class, they celebrated Day 5 of creation with face paint. He kept it on his face for three days. His Uncle Darrell joked for hours about that shark biting his nose. After that, he washed it off.
We traveled to Amarillo for a week to both visit my grandmother and have a temporary home while Scott moved forward on the kitchen remodel. It was such a long week!

The sweet toes of my nearly five-year-old. When will they cease to be precious to me? All mothers of boys tell me there does in fact come a day. Ranne sleeping under Grandma's famous quilts: I asked her, do you have some blankets we could put down for a pallet? "Amanda, there are no blankets in this house. There are Quilts.", was her very serious response. Ooops.

Nearing breakfast-time at Grandma Johnson's:

Not flattering BUT Ranne does take very well-centered pictures.

The boys became VERY adoring of this special woman during our stay in her home. Ranne expressed deep concern about leaving her alone. He woke early the day we were to go home to write her a love letter all by himself.

One of Grandma's recent projects. She impresses me.

So, for Ranne's birthday, sweet Uncle D and Aunt A brought Ranne and Toby life-saver of gifts: HotWheel tracks! They kept the boys sane all week. I did not get a picture of them that day, but Uncle R was helping to put the tracks together so he's present. HA! That was probably their favorite time of the trip: boy time with their great uncles. Aunt A made a great cake for him too. Here's a picture of the sweet gift-givers that Ranne took later on the trip.

Uncle R helping assemble the tracks.

Cutie Pie birthday boy.

Day-to-day routines at Grandma's:

This was so touching to me. This little boy making faces with his toothbrush in the mirror on his birthday will soon been 17 and worrying about his hair before going out.
This guy may never worry about his hair.

Trey had quite a time pulling up on every object possible. He's not figured out how to get down, however, so would be there a long time and then start yelling for help.

The trip home was unfortunately very eventful before even getting out of town. However both on the way to Amarillo and on the way home, the boys were PERFECT for the whole five-hour drive. They are the best travelers.

Oh Yeah! And since getting home: WOW! There is a new floor I've yet to see. It's under cardboard to protect it from the paint that's being applied. Scott and others did the tile, electrical, plumbing, gas etc. There are so many details! Scott's done an awesome job of mapping it all out so there have been very few surprises.
Since getting home, Trey has been wanting to be attached to Scott. He's a Daddy's boy for sure! Here he's as close as he can physically get, watching him sand the walls.

The kitchen in it's current state.

The Laundry Room:

the Progress:

Goodnight, all! I'm off to paint.