Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wildness and Turning 3

The UNM and ENMU Rivalry Game was a riot. Garrett and Jessie took the day to throw a tailgate party, hauling a camper out to the lot. He smoked some chickens and brought sides. Delicious food! Never taking a baby to that again, however. Thankfully Brendan and Sarah watched the older boys while we had this night out. Here's Scott and some students, along with Toby's wide-eyed reaction to the chaos at the game.

How does he get here? I don't know. He did it again today, starting in the middle of the living room and moving to the corner.

Bible time or zoo? Toby is sporting last years Halloween costume.

Helping with dishes. Ranne's quite the good rinser.

Ranne snuck the camera while it was left unattended. One is funny, one is quite good.

Toby's 3!!!!!!!!!! I just can't believe it. Wait til he's 30, no doubt my dad will say when considering my next birthday in November.

Getting ready for the gathering of friends at a park to celebrate Toby's birth, these worms invaded our apple cupcakes. The kids seemed to like it anyway. We dropped half the batch getting into the car, so the adults were gyped. Lots of play, lots of mess, lots of blessings.

The crowd of friends.

The Bowles kiddos.

The mess:

I don't know, after looking at all this, you may be feeling like Trey here at the end of the visit to the park. Well, have a good nap.

Tuesday School is a one-day pre-school the Netherwood body has developed. It is used as an outreach so that any church member who wants their children involved must teach. I work the nursery. Tonight was open house, requiring two-dozen cookies from all workers. Scott let me invest in some decorating tips for Toby's cupcakes. This is my second time to use them already in one week. Yeah!

Ranne was the flag holder for the presentation. So EXCITING. He did well; no one was speared.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Showin Off Shots

Ranne's favorite trick allowed in the house: standing on his head.

Does his mouth seem so very small, even when opened to the max?

Showing off his new stunt!

The College Retreat went very well this year. Sadly, we did not get a group shot of our kids, just the ones from out of town!

The camp:

The teaching:

Just Us

Could this be why we pass around colds?

What has quiet-time turned into anyway?

Pictures on a quiet night at home. The family shot is missing poor Tobes and was taken by "Jim". Ranne took the picture of Jim.

Can I tease him into a good mood? YES!