Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aquarium Adventure

This day was wild. We took the bus downtown on a Saturday with DadScott. DadScott lost his wallet on the first bus, which held his bus pass. Thankfully I had a debit card to get into the Aquarium and two dollars for my return ride. We saw the sights and then, since there was no bank nearby, I asked the college-aged workers in the shop if I could make a purchase and get cash back so we could get Scott home too. I mentioned that we needed the cash for the bus since he lost his pass They GAVE us a dollar. I was so embarrassed.

On the way back, we loaded ourselves onto a bus which just happened to be the same one we took down and the driver had his wallet for him. AHHH. Blessings.....

Albuquerque Zoo

Botanical Garden's Harvest Days

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


There's a lizard on my head, on my head!
Helping pack.
Luau Party for the Student Center.
College Retreat prayer.
Ray fish!

Parkin' It, Singing and Loosing Lobos

Singing at the fair.

The Lobos are loosing, obviously.
T's first game.

T's 1st Birthday Celebration

Mm. First taste of cake! He ate the whole thing.
How do I eat this?
Monkey play from Aunt Sydni.
Puzzle Play from Aunt Sunny.