Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer in Montana


Getting ready to go! Montana here we come.

We saw a forest fire. Ranne begged us to show him windmills on the whole drive. As we came out of the mountains going into Salt Lake, we found these giants.

Finally asleep.

Free Home:

Palisade Falls picnic with the Frees and Phillips. Ranne sure enjoyed the pb&j made with Grandma's home grown and made strawberry jam!

On the shoulders of grandpa.

The crew, minus me.

Trey was very impressed, can you tell?

Scott's and my anniversary hike in the Tabaccos.

The Hotel:

This building was quite neat! The original pipes and boiler were used, so hot water, as well as cold, took forever to get to the room. The toilet water was so hot the bowl and seat were nice and warm. HA! The morning of the 4th, we had breakfast in the only open diner. In it were several young men hung over from a night in the bar. It was completely packed. The drunk guys gave us their table and pulled up chairs at another with their buddies. We also met a couple was was dining with his mother. The mother cleaned rooms of the Sacajawea Hotel while supporting her many children alone. Amazing woman.

Fourth of July TeaPary, downtown Bozeman:

The Fourth at Home.

This stepping stone in the Free's backyard is very humbling. I see this sweet handprint and think what an amazing gift to be married to someone's little boy, grown-up. Especially Scott R. Free.

His cheeks match Grandpa's shirt.

Scott's cousin Ryan and his family joined us after supper for sparklers. It was a blast! They're such easy people to talk to.

If Ranne ever diappeared, this is where I would find him: on Grandma's bed reading their stash of old children's books.

The Church's picnic at the park included a spray area. Ranne enjoyed it so much, especially when on the shooting end of the water gun.

Sydni and the girls joined us at the dinosaur park. It was very fun and nice. It is another one of those community built sets.

Sad, sad day. Our departing photos.

A few of our best stops on the way home:

Retreating Ladies

The Ladies from the CSC took a trip to Santa Rosa, where a family in the church owns property. They very generously allowed us to stay there for the weekend. The property was a very productive ranch in the early 1900's and at one point hosted several famous names. The current owners are trying, over the years, to restore it.

On our way:

Lena (from Germany) joined us and Simona.

One of our many shared meals in the making.

The entry.

The property:

The old barn. Chair anyone?

One of many old news articles left in a heap in the corner.

Good shot of these two:

Playing in the creek, our two engineers.

Blue Hole, a natural spring.

Lake Park, Santa Rosa

The group:

On the way home: