Monday, January 18, 2010

Rolling Along

Just some pictures of our little life story.

Ranne likes to be the big brother. Here he's trying to entertain Trey. He enjoys teasing him, holding him, playing and even wrestling with him.

Though we were going to be away on Christmas, I still wanted to decorate. Scott graciously and patiently dug out all the boxes. The pics weren't of the best quality or effort this time, but you get the idea. The boys made this year's star. I'd like to make it a tradition. It wasn't hard, if you can't tell. HA!

The snowflakes came out again. Each boy made a new one for 2009.

Trey becomes more and more proficient at his crawling. He's thrilled to be motoring around. It's strange for me to see such a small baby in odd places since the other boys were not interested in exploration until much later.

One of my favorite moments with him is in the evening at bath. Those chubby legs!

NOW THIS! This is terrible. Scott and I allow the boys to run at the church's building on Wednesday nights in the gym. It is only children at that time and people playing basketball. Scott and I were in the foyer talking to the minister, Alan, when Toby can running in in tears. Alan tried to pick him up and he screached. I tried asking him what was wrong, but he was so distracted he ran off, back into the gym. We got home and I was changing him into PJs. This is what I discovered! OW! Tough kid. He said it happened on a table. The long tables were folded up against a wall. I think that they were running by them and he must have tripped over the leg. He healed up okay, but has a nice pink scar. Ranne was so afraid when he saw it and heard Toby crying as I cleaned him that he hid under his covers first. Then, he went and found a picture of the three boys, pushing it under the bathroom door as a gift to calm his brother. SOOOO sweet.

Trey's first girl injury. Toby had the same thing happen, though later. In Tuesday School, one of the nursery girls has taken to attacking others very quietly. She grabbed Trey's face, then tried it on another boy and shoved other babies over as well. It's a harder job, watching those babies, than I expected.

We always enjoy visits with Aunt Dora and her sister Aunt Juanell. They are very good baby holders and are such a blessing to be with. Good pictures too!

Iowa and Back

This blog post is seriously lacking! We took no pictures of my beautiful sister-in-law Sunny, only a couple of Jeremy (he was holding Trey), took no pictures of our friends in Oklahoma and Kansas, etc. Is THIS what happens with more than two children, or am I just the biggest slacker EVER? Don't answer, please.

Christmas in Iowa was wonderful. It was full of family who were accommodating, fun, generous, encouraging, helpful.... They helped us with our child training, giving plenty of opportunities to coach our kids; they fed us till we could barely move (Trey ate like a horse); they introduced us to a bunch of great church family, allowing our personal love for His family to reach even Iowa; and we had a lot of nice, low-key time to relax as a family. Thank you!

We stopped at many a park on our way to Iowa for meals and breaks. The two toys the boys are playing with were sweet gifts from the Byers, left under the tree in the room they slept in while we passed through Wichita. They were wonderful distractions on the drive and during stops.

Arriving in Iowa, we were in for a super treat! The snow! The kids played in it every morning. Natasha and Justus were great to share that snow time after chores, as well as all their belongings and space for the week we were there.

Yikes. What was Toby doing with that? He looks a little dangerous.

Scott was delighted with the cold. He shoveled the driveway daily for fun. Ranne was a big helper.

Toby is giving this snowman a good hug. The arms were very long, though it's hard to see in these pictures.

The gang:

Jeremy's general expression. The kids warmed right up to him.

Dress-up was a good time had by the kids.

Trey appreciating prunes, which are very important after so many car seat hours.

The kids have always appreciated Elaine's attention (Jeremy's mother). She's very good company on our visits.

I can't say we were just ecstatic on Christmas morning over the stockings. Too many late nights. BUT, it was fun. I'm always impressed with other's creative stocking ideas.

And, home again. Nice to be clean and bathed! These are some of my favorite PJ's that the boys have worn. Banana jamas

The boys' latest favorite perch in the yard. They get to watch the cats in the vacant lot next door. We are currently trying to trap those cats to get them out of our yard. There is one, in fact, in the trap now with it's mama sitting outside of it. NOW I'm feeling bad.

Back to baking. My sister-in-law, Sarah, gave me the recipe for a wonderful and easy pie: Cranberry Apple. Thank you, thank you!

What happens when two boys can't seem to control themselves from pushing one another's buttons? It works, for now at least.

What does Trey do when we're busy working on the house? Crawls straight to his ADD-Saucer and eats the cracker crumbs in the bottom.

Scott's wonderful work on our kitchen! The closet/pantry is getting closer to completion!

Big helpers: