Friday, May 30, 2008


Oh, and I dusted today!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Frees in Trees

Tonight the boys and I head out to watch a tiny part of a softball tournament Scott plays in. Proceeds go to the CSC. His game begins at eight. Tomorrow it should last all day, so we will, I hope see more then.

Wow, everyone. Another busy weekend, yet it seemed sane and blessed. Last Saturday morning Scott helped some friends move into a new house in Rio Rancho. It's a great place for their hospitable family. We're thrilled for them! That afternoon, Scott worked on our garage, getting it ready for a new door.

Sunday morning went smoothly, despite my attitude. The boys did amazingly well, as usual, during the service except for Toby falling and hitting his head on the pew in front of us. He recovered quickly and was happy as a lark, even with the dent on his hairline. Poor thing. I don't enjoy when those accidents happen due to their smallness and lack of agility.

We then joined Brendan for lunch and Scott went up with him to Rio Rancho to help pack all the Johnson's belongings into a truck. They sold their home and are working on signing papers for another. LOTS of progress going on around us! I picked Scott up in the evening. The boys were surely in the way, tromping up and down the semi's ramp, but they had a blast being there and returned home in the best way: dirty.

Monday, amazing friend Peter came and helped Scott most of the day to finish up the door leading into the garage. While they did that, and watched the boys, I went to the Johnson's and worked a little more out there with them to clean for the new buyers. While gone, the guys did a lot of work and the door functions great!

After they wrapped that up, we headed out for friend Ethan's #3 birthday party. It was a blast: sugar, kids everywhere, lots of fun people. Ethan's dad designed and made this very creative cake.

Toby and his friend Jordy played in this bin of water most of the time. They really do get along great. Jordy and his brother are greatly enjoyed by our boys. All fun kids.

Ranne's friend Liam is shooting someone. HE is amazing. Very agile and strong and EXCITING.

Peter and a friend: Courtney (Shelton) Foust

Toby posing just for you.

Scott and I had a date planned for probably three weeks. It was canceled three hours before we were supposed to leave for a baseball game, which was a huge bummer. Ranne, in fact, cried when his dear lady friend was not coming over to play.
We had a very pleasant evening at the park with our boys anyway. Ranne pulled the wagon less than usual, but both seemed to enjoy the outing. We met some very nice Mennonite/Amish? people and their three little ones who were a BLAST.

Wednesday Scott and Garrett planned on going to an apple farm. The owners are generously allowing them to use it for an "Inspirational Retreat" for the Student Center. They were going to 'scope it out' to see the lay of the land and decide how to schedule the events. Well, the grandson-in-law of the owners was going to take them. His wife (the granddaughter), who has her name willed on some of the property, decided she'd take their boys and invited Ranne, Toby, Garrett's family, her sister and me to come as well, offering to make a big pot of green chili stew and chicken nuggets for everyone's lunch. It's not what the guys planned, but it was fun for all of us. The sights that were most fun: the supposed second-largest cottonwood anywhere; a copse of cottonwoods with a rope swing, a water supply piped in, and an electrical box; a spring; a dam; the apple trees, of course; and a big stone overhang where they plan to put the fire the night everyone arrives.

Here are some of the orchards.

Can you see the people at the very base of the tree in the top picture?

I'm not easily frightened, but could not watch Scott climb this high, or climb down. The bark flaked off with every effort to find a handhold. He was in tree heaven. The ladies mostly stood waiting on the guys as they had their fun.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Muffed Up

Rainbows have occurred frequently around here. This is one that Ranne spotted out his window last week.

Scott let me take an evening walk the other day. It had rained most of the early hours, so the air was breezy, clean and cool, full of varying clouds. The sun was setting through them, hotspots adding depth to the greening mountains across town. Looking toward the mountains, an Aurora Borealis of rain was streaking the sky and led vision to a rainbow, so bright that the mountains couldn't be seen through it. Wow, it was really a blessing to be out there then. The jets from the airbase seemed to take the strange weather as an opportunity to play/practice (maybe not, but there was a lot of activity). That was fun. I still daydream of flying, so being out there to watch all that made the walk especially enjoyable.

Here's Scott's latest project. He's adding a concrete step-up so we can put in a door and secure our garage. Once that's done, plumbing can be moved to accommodate the washer and drier. He then plans to install a floor level with the kitchen out into the garage, after framing a laundry room there. Lots of work. Very brave husband.

This morning, Scott prepared for us (how spoiled are we?)a breakfast of homemade oatmeal muffins, eggs and bacon. Ranne helped his dad make the muffins, pouring and mixing as he was able. As we sat around the table, ready to dig in, Ranne pointed to the biggest, tallest muffin in the pan, saying, "I want the one that's all muffed up! I helped make THAT one."

Last Christmas, Grandpa Free put balls in the boys' stockings that are made up of suction cups. When played with in the tub, they stick VERY well to the walls. Ranne threw the ball up high enough that he couldn't reach to get it down. So, he threw a rubber frog to try and knock it off the tile. This is what happened:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Old, but Quick


Some spontaneous errands were run today after Scott so generously watched the boys so I could jog before breakfast. The wind is strong again, so it was good to get out before it picked-up.

When leaving our neighborhood in the car with the boys and waiting to get on the main street, I was very slow pull into traffic, letting several opportunities go by. After mumbling that the car behind me must think some granny was getting out on the town and taking forever, Ranne said, "Well, you are old Mama." Nice. Thanks so much. He then continued to ask questions like, "Why are you so old Mama?"

After a trip to the produce store, Sunflower Market, the boys and I visited a second-hand children and women's clothing store to look for Ranne some sandals. We found shorts, no shoes, and waited at the register for the woman to ring us up. Ranne stood on the side of the cart while Toby sat in the basket with his little arm folded through and around the top wiring. As I saw the whole cart tip over on top of Ranne, I quickly snatched it, just keeping Ranne from being pinned underneath. Ranne cowered underneath and Toby's left arm was being twisted and caught under his weight falling against the cart. Both were screaming at the top of their lungs. It was really quite hilarious because both were looking at each other like, "What do we do?!" The neat part was both know we discourage any fussing unless major pain is being experienced. After they were righted and dusted off, both were fine and calmed almost immediately. Everyone around us seemed quite impressed with their fearful attitudes' quick readjustment to safety and silliness. Very fun.

We played catch after lunch and had an awesome quiet time, 25-minutes of both sitting PERFECTLY quiet to play with small toys (Toby) and look at books (Ranne). They're so capable and smart.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Crouching Lions

Amazing. So, this week I officially feel like an adult. It may be the first time, well, ever. Scott and I have had some of the most sad and disappointing few days--since Monday, so three days. Thanks be to God for support though! Good friends, Marylin and Glennys joined me last night for coffee. They are always such spiritual strength: making sure I have a submissive spirit toward God; encouraging me to do well with the boys, big and little; and confirming the ways Scott and I raise our children. They are seeing the fruit in two happy, confident, capable, loving, generous, fun boys.

Daniel 6 was read between the woman who I study with and I. Very, very encouraging right now, very emboldening. Scott and I are commited to try and show such devotion to God, pursuing His will in both our work and personal time, doing our best for His glory. I was inspired. Daniel knew the king trusted him, even though the king made a bad choice out of boosted pride fed by the 'world' and it's bitterness toward Daniel's faithfulness to God's ways and his being blessed. He did not act-out toward the king or fight him, but did boldly continue doing God's will in faith. His faith infected the king with a trust for the power of Daniel's God.

I'm exhausted in every way though, so really this is just to air-out my thoughts and post a couple pictures of some of my greatest blessings. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All Work and Play

Look at all the work Scott has been doing around the house! And this even amid the craziness of our lives. He bought a much needed mower and educated the boys on putting it together. He then took bags worth of the thatch out of the grass.

Ranne likes peeking through the mail slot. As Scott goes to work, Ranne will often yell at him through the slot, "Have a good day! See you soon..." A few times upon coming home from someplace without the boys, I am greeted with his eyes peeking through at me and a little excited voice telling me all about the things he and his brother did in my absence.

Grandma Johnson spent most of Monday with us on our home. The boys warmed to her quickly. She also took my family and my brothers' family to Flying Star on Wednesday morning. The restaurant has a bucket of dog bones for people who sit on the porch with their canines. Ranne obtained a couple of those treats for his cousins' dogs who would visit us later in the week. Grandma then when to Mountainside with us later that night for bible class.

Thursday, Scott rented a snake to fix our tub. After our working on getting it unplugged, we broke the pipes and I ended up on the phone with plumbers the rest of the day (between CSC visits) trying to get it fixed before the Foldings visit. Thankfully we did so. After eight or so months of slow draining water, it finally works! Definitely worth the 300.00! Little boys need to bathe.

Jessie and Ethan spent part of Friday with us sharing lunch and then going to the airport near our home to watch planes landing. We only saw a handful, but it was good to be out on the air and sun. It was SO windy, the kids spent most of the time in the back of their minivan. The rest of our day was spent cleaning and preparing.

Saturday was insane! I woke early to make muffins for my family, as well as to serve the ladies for our latest Prayer Circle. I left early for that to prepare (right after breakfast), made coffee and found some scripture to share. Several ladies came, which is wonderful. We had a couple we've not had before_very exciting. Immediately after that, Scott came with the boys and we rode to Ponderosa bible camp for the BBQ with Jessie and Ethan, sharing the gas burden. When that was over. Scott took the boys home so I could run by the store, picking up last minute items. Returning home, finally, I found Scott had not only washed up after breakfast, cleaning table and dishes and stove, but had begun airing up beds for company. He was so giving all day, helping to prepare and with the boys.

The Foldings arrived about 11pm. SOO good to see them. Beds were decided on and last minute showers taken. We woke Ranne, as promised, to see his family. It was not appreciated. He cried.

Betty and maybe John, Scott and Sunny's parents, called to catch up with everyone. She/they even spoke with Toby. You can see the delight on his face though he wouldn't say more than 'hi'. The other picture is to show Scott bought a mattress and set-up the top portion of his old bed in Ranne's room. That was really exciting for him and the boys. Toby obtained a nice gash to the right eye while playing on it for the first time.

On Monday we celebrated Justus' 6th birthday after Scott returned from work. Here's Justus with his cake, Elaine (Sunny's mother-in-law, very fun woman), and Sunny and Natasha. Wild and silly. Afterwards we rushed off to watch Scott's softball game.

Our yard's gifts to us!

Lastly, here are a couple precious catches for you!