Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soapy Sopapillas

Just a little 'hello' to you all. The days have been a bit uneventful to my delight, though today I did nothing at all--other than mother. Ranne has, thankfully, begun to regain some of his sillies that have been a bit muted for a while. Toby is just a little fire, bright and slightly destructive at all times.

We bought a new office chair that came enveloped in bubble wrap. Ranne had been playing with some of it and had taken a piece in the bathtub. I hung it over a large soap bottle to dry until the next morning when he spotted it and asked his Dad, "Will you get that off the Sopapilla please?"

We were reading a silly book about a boy who puts various bugs in his sister's sandwich. Ranne interrupted saying, "I ate a bug." "Really! When?", I asked. "Two. Two days ago. I picked it up and swiped all the dirt off and so he wasn't dirty. The bug said, 'It's okay, you can eat me.'"

Well, all that bug protein must be lasting him a few days because this is his general excitement with his meals:

He ate last night's soup for breakfast, as well as toast, cornbread, egg and juice. UG. What you see on his plate in this picture will be his morning meal tomorrow. Kid can not live on cereal alone.

Will you pity us here, or think we're desperate procrastinators? I'm just indecisive and cheap. Rather than purchase window coverings, we sit through dinner with the sun blazing it's last lights on our dinner table. It was so brilliant tonight, I grabbed up paper and taped it to the window where our heads were. It seemed a good idea until I saw these shadows and felt totally ridiculous. It was funny enough to share. You can't tell, I'm sure, but you can barely see my round belly shadow.

And lastly, a goodnight with a picture of my sweet Tobes. This has been his favored sleeping position, though usually he's on his belly with his legs out as far as they'll go. He is also in there with his treasured blankets that have become security. Thankfully, he's in bed now and is sleeping with his brother, anticipating a morning playing with cousin.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Fresher

Wow. I am impressed. I just viewed "A blog of interest" listed on Blogger developed by a woman who runs a hospital in Boston. What motivation! This blog is NOT like that.

I said we'd give an update. Poor you all, I have NOT taken pictures of any interesting activities we've done. So, I just ran all over the house snapping a few of our house. Scott continues to move along on our remodel. His imagination and go-for-it spirit is admirable. It'll be great when it's all done.

In these first pictures, tell me what you see. I am most excited about this.

We (Scott with generous help of our church family), is building a laundry room at the end of our extra-long garage. It will be plumbed, electrocuted ( ;-) ), and sheet rock hung. This is just off the kitchen. He was very excited to use this tool in the remodel:

Here's the new plumbing that our friend helped install. We're so grateful to him. It's the second time he's been out and we'll probably need it once more, when taking out the old stuff. You can see the floor Scott has 2/3's in. The strange picture of wood that is unidentifiable is looking up at the ceiling/shelving of the room.
He was thoughtful to put in a door with a big window so I'd have natural light for laundry work.

Painting. You can see the clean wall against the nasty trim of our front door. The walls looked like the trim, maybe even worse. It's soooooooooooo nice to have them clean and painted, though I'm slow in getting it done (We have a hard time agreeing on colors, for one thing). Scott and I have worked together on it for the most part. It would take me two-times as long, or more. You can see the challenge of our coved ceilings when it comes to painting accent colors. I taped it at the crease.

Finally two cute closing shots of our day-to-day. Toby is helping me vaccuum. He sits on my work like this almost every time. Next: Ranne taking a bath. We bought the goggles for him, thinking it would make camp showers less traumatic and more fun. It didn't help, but he plays with them now.