Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just arriving at the softball game last night, Ranne had in his hand a small stuffed cow that 'moos'. He squeezed it to emit the noise and, with delight, called up to a large crowd in the bleachers, "It cowed! It cowed!" Very funny.

Scott did great, I thought. He was involved in a very exciting double play? I don't really know terms, but it was a fun one to watch.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Retreat, Retreat!

Today was the much anticipated doctor visit. I was hoping this doctor, Dr. Hurley, was related to some family friends/church family, but alas, it was not the case.

We spoke to a genetics counselor as well as the doctor. She did a rough graph of our family tree, saying that I 'contracted' the faulty gene from only one parent. That doesn't mean that both parents don't/didn't have it, but if my dad doesn't, it likely came from my mother. My children have a 50% chance of also having the gene, it's something that goes generations down the line and is very common, especially among 'whites'.

They also said if my immediate family has current blood clotting problems, they would strongly suggest I take blood thinners in the later part of pregnancy and the four weeks after labor. The doctor doubted the past two pregnancies were from Factor V Lieden since they occurred early in the pregnancy rather than later. They really seemed not bothered and said their involvement would mainly be to do more ultrasounds, checking for clots throughout the pregnancy in the placenta and cord. If any were seen, they would do blood thinners for sure.

So, that's the health update. SEVERAL things have gone on since the last blog, namely the Softball Tournament that raised 3,600 dollars for the CSC, Run for the Cure (breast cancer run on Father's Day), and the Summer Inspirational Retreat at the apple orchard. We've stayed very busy and will be even more so in the four weeks as we have several commitments this week and will be out of pocket for the next three for family vacation and bible camp teaching.

While I have no pictures of the run we did for breast cancer, it was very fun. Several of us CSC folk got together at 7am at the Balloon Fiesta Park for the 5k run. It was Father's Day and Scott's amazing fathering was especially displayed as he cooked muffins for the boys and him, took the breakfast to the church building and fed the boys and himself there while setting up for the bible class that involves table clothes, coffee for probably 60-70 people, and more. I have been trying to make it up to him ever since.

Around the house pics of the kids are fun:

Sadly blurry, but they make me smile.

Silly Ranne as "Bug Boy" and with Mama:

Awesome quiet time:


Mmmm. Dirt.

table crew.

The Games.


First study at the 'Falls". We're definitely in the desert! Garrett was our inspired teacher, teaching on the book of Philemon. He did GREAT.

Chase and Ranne watching the Tree Swingers.

Our three Tarzans.


The sweet ladies.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bloody News

Quick update: boys are sick again, I think. Snot, cough, etc....

The midwife called me about the blood work I had done a couple weeks ago. I tested positive for Factor V Leiden, which is a genetic blood clotting problem. It would explain the last two miscarriages and could prove future pregnancies difficult. Today I began taking baby aspirin for all this as we begin trying for another baby and have also set up an appointment with a perinatologist on the 23rd of June. So, please keep us in your prayers.

Other than that, life is busy until end of August. We have men's and ladies events with the student center this weekend, help my brother move into their new house, a breast cancer run/class set-up for the church/Father's day on Sunday, a retreat the following weekend, Taco Hut dinner the next, vacation the following two weeks, teaching at camp the next and then a trip to Golden, Co. for the end of July. After that will be family camp and college retreats.

Pics will come later. There really haven't been any.

OH, today Ranne did his first, official schoolwork which consisted of worksheets out of a couple pre-school books I found. Two pages a day should be plenty. He also helped me wash the car and set the table for lunch.

Quiet time went well, though Ranne fell asleep. Both boys have not gotten to bed until 10pm the last couple nights and Ranne didn't sleep well with his cough.

Recent sweet: Ranne has a hard time sleeping when he's excited to go to someone's house or play with a new person. He knew we were going to our friends the Bowles home for dinner last Friday night. As he went down for his nap I told him, "Now, Ranne. We are going to the Bowles house tonight, you know. It is very important that you sleep before you go so that you 1) can feel good and 2) be happy and pleasant while we are there." He slept for a couple hours and woke saying, "Mama, my sleep gave me some giggles."