Thursday, November 12, 2009

For Curiosity's Sake, Oh Yeah.

Oh yeah! In case you're curious about the blue line on my leg...

On the day of surgery the docs ran an ultrasound again, marking with a blue Sharpie where the vein was since, when I was under the knife and my leg elevated, the vein empties and they are not able to see it well. Pretty.

Nope, No Shame.

So, Monday we visited the Botanical Gardens to look at their grape vines, trying to figure out what to do with ours to make it thrive next summer. While there, we found a bug exhibit. Ranne fearlessly pet a very large spider and a few other things.

This scorpion is, of course, not alive. We DID learn a very interesting fact, that under a black light all scorpions light up. It's a specific protein in their shell thingy (exoskeleton). Fascinating and pretty!


And here's the pretty Heritage Farm section of the gardens:

Tuesday School, my nursery class. The little boy next to Trey is sooooooooooooo adorable and sweet. He gets many Amanda hugs.

The Veteran's Parade and event at the Memorial Park near our home:

Ranne with his hot chocolate and people who recently committed membership to the church body we work with. They live near by and home school (for your info Sunny).

Last and least:
So, how about this photo for the next Venus commercial?

The pics above are two days after surgery when the bandage came off.

The pic below is today: a week later. UG! How long will this ugliness go on? Eck, whatever.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ghosts and Roses

Our house guest, who's left. Meet Udo.

Meet shepherd David...

and his parrot.
Mrs. Williams, a cat in leather.

Cousin Colton, the great car racer.

Miss Leslie and her little man.

The spread: Mrs. Scott knows how to throw a party.

Yes, they are our friends.

More fabulous people, missing their other four children in this picture.

Probaby a familiar face.

Pie-eating contest winner: one of the four missing kids.

Schmille Schmiles.


Cutting pumpkins.

Can you see the little face by the pumpkin?
Cooking pumpkins. Thanks to Betty who taught me how, we have fourty cups of puree.

Oops. Forgot to remove this tattoo before Tuesday School. A bit of a distraction.

Scott cut these from our yard before the freeze. Maybe the most BEAUTIFUL flowers in our home ever.