Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the Road Again:
Headed to Montana
Continental Divide between Durango and Silverton

Another lunch break. It was a GREAT park in Grand Junction:

Flaming Gorge Res, our night destination.

Near the tent site:

Taken minutes before both were in the water, 7:30 am, freezing, and fully dressed.

Can you hear him, "Let me out!"?

Great, Grand Tetons

The Camp! Yellowstone Bible Camp: YBC
Fire pit.

The reason he's now running, one week later.

To the Falls:

The Falls:

Ranne's friends.

The Phillips Family, minus one.

The Tamarack, right by the stream.

Near the volleyball court:

Therapy for the over energetic and frustrated:

Uncle Phillip Perely and Ranne playing horseshoes:

Sweet Cousin.

Cousin Justus and Ranne:

Cousin Natasha at the 'ruins'.

Family picture time! Lots of photographers:

Toby's funny smile:

Sweet cousin too!

Theresa: great example of an admirable mother and wife.

All the first cousins present.

Scott and Clint:

The quilt block. I dread it's arrival in the mail every year, but am glad to do it by the time it's done.

Most Things Texas

Dad and Brenda's Visit to see Avrielle:

Please don't ask why there are no pictures of Avri. I'm a terrible aunt and when they were over, I was running around like a crazy person with no thought to the camera. It was fun though! We had Brendan's family, Dad and Brenda, Aunt Dora, and cousin Alda and Rikk for supper.

Scenes from Ranne and Toby's Perspective:

A Very Rare, Spontanious Outing with Scott!
Hiking in the Sandia foothills:

The boys picked the "trail" as we followed and helped them through, over and around the cacti.
Our snack rock:

End result: big smiles and proud explorers.

Ranne's Choice of Clothing.
Yes, Scott took him to evening service like this.

Bellville, here we come via Fort Worth.
Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Nowell's yard as well as our crazy selves.

The crew, minus Cousin Corrie.

The room graciously loaned for the night:

Bellville Doings
The beach:
I thought about putting in a picture of Toby's backside, but think this shows his concentration in trying to keep his shorts up much better. Poor thing.

The blessed tent. There were SOOOO many bugs out of the biting variety and the sun was scorching.

My men:


Exciting activity of mowing!
Since this day, Trey goes wild whenever he sees a riding mower, grabbing at it and squeeling for a ride.

Stephen F. Austin Park, Texas:

Goofy boys:

Wonderful grandparents: Papa and Nana Johnson. Ranne looks like he's licking THE millipede that later excreted nice brownish-red goo on his lips as he kissed it. Toby looks done.

The guys, including the millipede.

Driving back to Alb.
The millipede's doing. His lips blistered and scabbed over. CRAZY!
This little monkey gift from Aunt Sydni has traveled everywhere with us. It is now stretching its arms as we take a lunch break at a park.

Ranne being social. Surprised?
Nap time?