Saturday, March 21, 2009


Occasionally the house is clean, the fridge gets wiped when the groceries are low. See the sparkle?

Before company it can look nice, or at least clean.

Ranne's first pictures to take with the camera. Very well-centered!

Grammy was with us for about a month, staying mostly with Aunt Dora. The Wilson's home, where she lives with her daughter and their family, was burnt in a fire. While repairs where being made, she came to visit. It was great. We had a zoo outing with her and the Johnsons. What a beautiful day. Scott was working that Saturday, but the boys did awesome for me. Seems like the consistently favorite exhibits are the polar bears and seals. They are usually the most active animals.

Student Center Ski Trip:

The men who were not interested in skiing. They networked their computers and played all day!

The skiers' weather on the slopes.

Pictures of those hanging in the lodge, which is where I stayed. I was known on this trip as the 'pregnant lady'. I'm glad to be done with that label!

Ever seen a triple baby shower? It was pretty interesting. The women all felt like they were racing to the finish when opening gifts. We've had more than eight? babies due in a few weeks span. About half of those have arrived.

Except for Vera, the elderly woman on the left, all women in these pictures are pregnant.

For those of you who kept asking. This is nearish the end of pregnancy #3. Self-portrait, which explains a lack of a head.

Daddy's big helper.

Ranne's Birthday Party

A few friends among many.

This is only half of our toppings for the party. Vistors were asked to bring their favorite ice cream topping which included coconut, rootbeer, sprinkles....

A day earlier, on the actual birthday.

Thank you Frees and Foldings!

And Aunt Dora, thank you for thinking of Toby!

Big Smiles and Hard Players.

Ranne's awesome grin, for those of you far away who see it seldom. Toby had a long day of play!

Putting in a basketball hoop at the center. Hopes are for summer bonding on those late nights playing ball.

Ladies' Movie Night. See our sugar!

The Day After ...Welcome Tremaine Robert.

Unfortunately I forgot the card for the camera, so we were unable to take pictures the night of Trey's birth, but these are the next morning.

A very sweet thing: Ranne came into my hospital room to meet his little brother for the first time. In his hands were clutched beautiful flowers, his big, blue eyes peeked over their blossoms. "Is Trey okay?", he asked. "Yeah, come see him.", was the response. He came over, handed off the flowers to me and put his hand gently on Trey's head, "I'm sorry I stepped on your head Trey." When Trey was inside me, the boys would be rough, bumping him and stepping on me when I was sitting on the floor or couch. Once we said, "Oh! Ranne watch out. You need to be careful. You just stepped on Trey's head." I guess (how sad!) he carried that guilt around until he could see his brother was alright.

Home at Last.

First outing with the boys by myself. It went GREAT.

More Student Center work.

The new goal, sifting gravel to clean up the place and more were done. The students who helped did lots of work.

Play-Doh Play Day at the Bowles. Their generous gift to Ranne on his birthday was a morning of play! How wonderful for the boys AND me. We all had a great time, not to mention, it stretched out his birthday an extra month. What a neat idea.

Signing off. I'll try to stay on top of this better. I hadn't realized how many months since the last posting!