Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Sweet Ending

Please note pictures were finally added to the 'Falling Fast' post. So scroll on down.
TRAINS! The dear Foldings, long ago, sent us a couple train sets. The motorized Thomas trains were the favorite, but have been put away for a while as the boys are too rough with them. The wood ones, however, go with tracks we had bought them the Christmas before. So in our house, trains are the latest 'big thing' and take up a good amount of time, daily. LOTS of little parts. Scott, as you can probably guess, likes making intricate tracks.

Much time has passed since the last post. I wanted to go ahead and just put up some sweet pictures. The red on our screen no longer works, so I don't really know what the photos look like or of what quality they are, but as far as I can tell, they're the best of what was taken.
Brendan and Sarah hosted several of us at their home for Halloween. It really was a blast. Dinner was GREAT; thank you Sarah (an angel of a hostess). Afterwards, the kids 'decorated' sugar cookies and had a walk down trick-or-treat lane.

Student Center work is progressing. The students are taking more and more responsibilities on themselves. The big youth area-wide will be hosted at the CSC in a couple weeks, so several guys are prepping to lead that event, which is absolutely insane with energetic teenagers.
There were, I believe, seven ladies at the last ladies study that was lead here in our home. We enjoyed Fondue and a lot of scripture. It seemed to go well. Though the study lasted a while longer than anticipated, the ladies really engaged and stuck with it. The study also led itself fairly well, so I was excited about that.
The boys are doing well. Toby and I are feeling generally puny, but it seems only a head-thing. They are a constant delight. Ranne's imagination is flourishing. The vents into the wall have become portals for all sorts of adventures and monsters. Bears occasionally need shot by their Dad and the like.... The other night they were very excited by the snake their uncle and aunt gifted them. Scott tied it around their waists. Here's a couple proud shots:
In this last one with the snake, Ranne is having the snake talk to Grandma and Grandpa. It didn't go too well.
Toby has recently taken to carrying this doll around the house that Nana and Papa gifted them. It's sweet. I think he's finally catching on that a baby is coming 'soon'.
Otherwise we eat, read, sleep, play. Here are some just plain sweet pictures, all out of order, I'm sure.
Quiet time. Look at those sweet, thick feet!

Toby's first nap in his big bed. We still haven't transitioned yet, waiting till after holidays. We're sad to let the crib go for him. Such a sweet babe still....
One of my favorite things to see.
Boys gorging themselves on birthday eggs and waffles with berry syrup and whipped cream that Scott fixed for me.

Lastly, a few changes. We bought a cabinet for our computer so that we could have open Internet use in the house, as well as make room for a guest room/nursery. Scott, crazy man, worked until 2am putting it together after working a 11-hour day. But, we sure like it and it's practicality.
And Scott's co-worker Garrett worked out a great thing for the CSC, having 3 beautiful and HUGE trees donated to the CSC. In that deal, we also bought a large, fully-established tree for 25-50 dollars. It waits in our yard for planting tomorrow morn. An ash that should grow fairly quickly:
And this was left on our porch by our generous neighbor Jim, so we could plant it in good soil.
More later, surely. God bless.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leftover Sweets

Still no pics. Wow.

Well, before I forget, a sweet thing Ranne said the other week as we drove home from the church meeting. We were looking at the sliver of a moon out the windows and he excitedly remarked, "We're taking it home with us!"

After visiting Aunt Dora on Friday, Toby called out: Bye, Aunt Doree.

Goodnight all. We'll try to get those pictures up for you soon.