Thursday, May 24, 2012

Funny Face

The Continuation:

These shiny little eyes!

The grass is green!

One Saturday morning, I walked around the house to see all these sweet scenes: Dad and Trey talking, Claire playing well alone in her room and the boys creating in the living room.  What a nice, peaceful time!

Toby disappeared outside one weekday morn.  He was gone for too long so when checking on him, I discovered he made a fire ring.  He is really ready for camping this summer!

Helping Mama with laundry:

I just can't resist funny face pictures!

Toby informed us he was standing on Cody's Jeep's mustache.  Quite fitting to the trend these days.  That mustache is Tobe's favorite perch when "Spoon", i.e. Cody,  is around.

An Aunt Sarah bow.  We're having fun with these.

Too sweet.

"You should see the pogo stick!"  He's now ready to buy one with his saved birthday money.  Imagine that!

Random abandoned art:

I was sure they were causing trouble to discover this instead.

The Annual Ponderosa Area-Wide BBQ was a couple weeks ago.  The college kids go a night early for their ladies' and men's studies as well as to help set-up the next day.  We play in the creek.  The BBQ was much better attended than the year before.  It was a great weekend!

 Around the house:

Her mouth hung open as she watched Scott tear apart her bed to lower the mattress.  It was funny.

Bible Time scene.  Those sweet little feet sticking out...sigh.

So I handed her my blush, making sure the lid was on extra tight.  Little Houdini figured it out after five minutes of trial.

Sweetie Pie.  The flowers were given to me for Mother's Day!  Though I think I killed them today, not watering them in the heat.  I feel terrible!  We'll work on their revival, but I'm dreading the thought that they're a goner.  I've never had such pretty flowers. 


Again, a sucker for funny faces:

 She gave Trey several kisses through the crib after a good nap.  


That's him:

The very first time to pull herself up to standing.  Now she will rarely sit.

She gave herself two fat lips.  She will fall on her face while doing nothing but crawling down the hall.  I REALLY don't like it.  The little fat area scabbed over and is now peeling after only three days.  They heal so fast, for which I'm grateful!

"Helping" Mom make brownies.

He's so tall now!