Thursday, June 30, 2011


We just tried to read this night out of a book by Barbara Park. It centers on a kindergartner named Junie B. Jones. My reaction to the book: SERIOUSLY? Even Ranne became wide-eyed when he heard her treatment of adults in the book and her whinning. Nice.

Aside from that, Trey is sick today. I put him to bed last night with a fever of 99.0 that developed on our drive home from bible classes. He woke at that temperature but it is now 102 with Tylenol. Lord willing it's a quick passing ordeal. He has no other symptoms other than not being hungry. I asked him, "Where did you get this bug?" He just said, "It was on my shoulder." He's been sleeping or slowly creeping through the house while wearing a greet hat, diaper and nightshirt. Very pitiful.

Ranne and Toby have been playing very well together this last week. Only today does it seem to be getting old. We need to get out and about, I think. Too much down time. I'm actually all caught up around here.

We're fairly certain camp sessions will all be closed this year due to fire danger and restrictions. The large burning outside of Los Alamos labs began five miles from the camp facilities. Unless a miracle occurs, Scott will not be able to teach this year. Everyone is praying it's God's will for it to open so we won't be surprise, though VERY pleased, if it does rain and camp is able to be held for the highschoolers, as well as other age brackets.

Baby seems to be doing well. She's violent at times. We are to have an ultrasound on Wednesday, our anniversary, to check out her progress. That should be a fun experience, if I can find a sitter so Scott can go.

Scott submitted plans to the city of Albuquerque today, the deadline, to change zoning and build an addition onto the Student Center. It is quite a feat to consider. The design that he and Garrett schemed up with the architect fits with all the neighborhood's goals, personality in design, and requirements. The addition is a second story, which the building was designed for years ago, so will take no additional property. Prayers for that to proceed without hangups would be appreciated. It would provide considerable funds for the facility so donations could be focused on outreach, at least more than building bills and upkeep. It would also provide a safe and affordable solution for housing to ministry students.

Brendan generously drew-up what the building would look like if built so it could be shown to the architects and others. The businesses who saw the drawings were very impressed with his talent. That was fun to hear!

Dad and Brenda are coming for a week or more beginning on the 8th. We're looking forward to that! Hopefully I remember to get out the camera and actually take some pictures! Remind me!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Funny Friends

Monday, June 20, 2011

Prayers for the Neighbor

Scott went to ask about our little, missing neighbor. His grandmother and aunt, flustered and frustrated, said that a woman down the alley called them into CYFD. The grandmother said it was reported that the kids were out at all hours (true) and climbing over fences (ours, with permission, and the house next to us, with permission). So, the kids were taken about a week ago. I'm sure it was more than their being in our yard. No one ever came to question us about it; CYFD is fairly thorough in its investigations.

Before he disappeared, the boy mentioned being in a fight at school and his regret with the guilty feelings over it. There were also times he wasn't allowed in the apartment because things such as 'his aunt was getting a new tattoo'. So, we're super sad. We were given the phone numbers of the family who has them. Scott called to ask if we could take the boy to VBS. The new caretaker was not interested in that but took our names and number down. So, I'm feeling really bad for not investing more there and am praying that he and his sister can survive CYFD's intervention as well as their family. Ug.

Playing Catch (Up)

From latest to earliest this summer, you'll have a little glimps of our lives. The latest camera we have is by far of lesser quality than the one my dad gave us at Ranne's birth. Alas, that one wore out so when we bought this one, we were very saddened by the lack of quality. Taking pictures just hasn't been as rewarding so there are not as many.
Ranne at his cousin's ballet recital.

First Birthday Sleepover! Backpacks ready....

The party really happened the morning after the sleepover. When we went to pick up the boys, they were in the middle of sprinkler, slip-n-slide games. So, we went on a little hike in the foothillls where we found a rattler, after we stepped over him. Very exciting. Never hike to close to your partner or your feet will land in the same place before warning can be given!

Just sweetness. We play a lot here on Mountainside church's playground.

Once a year or so, ladies from the 'westside' get together for a fancy dinner out, or desserts, or whatever they can come up with. This time it was high tea at: St. James Tearoom. Very fun!

Here is Kristine and Rebekah:

The meal:

Tory, Leslie and Casey:

And of course, we wouldn't know our neighborhood nearly so well if we didn't have Ranne in our lives. Here are several friends he's aquired.

This is one special dude. We haven't seen him in a few weeks and intend to hunt him down here soon, hopefully tonight. Maybe he went to be with his Dad in TX? We miss him.

Ball games! Here the boys are watching a UNM softball game. A CSC student was playing on this team until recently.

Our dear neighbors' son and Ranne's good buddy. His Hulk seems to be the pillow for yard lounging and also seems to be the dummy for testing dangerous stunts they scheme up.

Scott and I were very blessed with a trip to CO. A ministry there allows ministers and their spouses to stay for free when the cabins are not in use. The couple who keeps the camp going even had us for dinner: elk burgers (that the wife shot), baked fries, salad,.... Amazingly good. Here are pics of the hike we went on and our cabin where we stayed. It was bigger than our house: three bedrooms, two baths, etc.

Yes, we gave the boys their birthday gifts at least a month late. The football Ranne is opening and adored was stolen the next day, while we were on that trip to CO and the boys were at a softball game with their friends. Bummer.

Oops. Somehow this got pushed to the end. Well, she's cute. It's a good ending.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Tired of the 'magazine front' Facebook showed of other's lives, the: Amanda 'Johnson' Free account has been deleted. Funny how I feel as if I'm admitting to the killing of my other identity!

Because what was there could never reflect the complete self, frustration of my inability to communicate, or even perhaps the inappropriateness (or indecency) and self-focus it allowed when divulging, seemed to outweigh the benefits. Not to mention, it was far too easy to wrap-up in envy of others' vacations, appearance and lifestyles. None of the images that induced such feelings even reflected that person's feelings or spiritual well-being wholly, though they did in fact present good indications of their current state. That, I have to admit, was helpful at times.

The temptations to procrastinate with FB to avoid uninteresting chores and motherly duties were strong too. So, the hope here is that the draw of figuring out the latest blogging world features will be less immediately interesting and I can be more diligent in my service to the Lord through His blessings and given responsibilities.

So, look for updates. Send emails when you have questions and by all means, keep us updated on your lives! I realize traffic here will never be heavy as it was in other venues, but it will surely encourage a more proactive relationship with each of you by me. God bless you all as you walk with Him, reflect Him, and love Him through your service and sacrifice.