Sunday, February 21, 2010

Midnight Stitches

This post is for Betty, so you know the block is done. I drew this up and stitched it Sunday afternoon/night. Lord willing the mail people will get it to you soon! Scott thinks my grabbing Trey by the trunk is strange, that I should have put him in the crook of my arm at least. However, as I said before, I drew this up and stitched it TODAY. So, next year....
I think it reflects our stage in life with the kids: casual and at the stick-figure level.

A bit of news concerning Trey: he pulled himself up the first time today. I put him down for a nap. He was VERY happy in there, squealing and laughing. After a long while he began to yell. I think he couldn't figure out what to do with himself, being afraid to let go of the crib and fall. Sigh. Too fast, this child raising goes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So that's what those are for!

Nope, no shame here either. It is gross and we're working to fix it. We have been without a floor for some time and looking at grungy cabinets. Scott is getting busy, suddenly. The floor will be put in by a friend at the end of the month. Before that happens, we're stripping the cabinets, having them powder-coated to stick with our retro house, having cabinet makers match our old cabinets and build some new custom-shaped ones, putting in new counter top, moving the sink and stove, installing a microwave above the stove, repainting and putting in blinds, etc.... I'm so proud of Scott for taking on this project. He's done a beautiful job putting in a new laundry room, pantry and closet. Yeah! BUT, in order for this to happen: chaos comes. This is the scene I came home to this morn after the boys' Tuesday School:


Okay, gross....

Soon, soon.

A glimpse of the boys playing.

And, oh, that's what those are for! I wondered about those sweet ears. They hold pennies.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Adopting Ideas

February Sledding Excursion:

Growing right out of his "bucket". It won't be long.

Do any of the rest of you feel sorry for this poor little guy, bundled like a sardine?

Getting ready to take-on the hill.

Walking up with the cool guy.

He doesn't look too traumatized.

Watching the action.


Scoping out the big hill. Yikes. I could only watch Ranne go down once.

The Lord has truly blessed us through the latest trials. Our miscarriage has even deepened (I didn't think it possible) for us the understanding of what miracles Ranne, Toby and Trey are. It has also made us realize how considerably, delightfully and genuinely we enjoy raising-up people! We have been mulling over adoption and have been hearing of several options toward that end: different agencies, financing, etc. I ask that you all pray for us as we pursue this. The Father adopted each of us. I can't think of a greater honor than to do the same and share our family with a child. There are a million reasons we are excited about this. We know, however, the Lord puts each person in their place on this earth and our home may or may not be in his mind for another child.

Aside from that, we have decided to home school Ranne this first year. A sister-in-Christ has offered to let us borrow her very quality curriculum for which we're grateful and blessed. To tell the truth, I'm excited to make this decision and give the Alb school the boot. No offense to our friends and teachers. I can't think of a one of you I don't trust or respect. If I could pick their learning environment and teachers and study material!

So, lots of big decisions.

On a lighter note, our family had a VERY rare day to play together last Saturday. I can't tell you the last time we've been out as a family to recreate aside from holiday vacations. We packed up the kids after their waking (too early for my taste!), had breakfast at IHOP, and then drove up the Sandias with a trunk full of snow gear and sleds. What a wonderful morning. Trey had his first ride on a sled. He seemed okay, though expressionless. Toby, perhaps, liked the thrill of the ride more than anyone and Ranne was brave, going down on his own without hesitation and doing tricks nearly every time. He'd get to the bottom, sit on the sled and watch the rest of the folks slide down. Toby was happy riding and happy sitting on the side eating snow and digging holes. Trey, well, he wasn't wild about it for the most part, not liking cold wind and ice blowing in his face. What a wonderful time.

AND not only that, but our brother and sister-in-Christ, the Schmilles, watched the boys while we had a date that same day. They also kept the older boys overnight. What a good time to decompress and digest the lastest chaos, mourn, pray and look forward to what is ahead. Praise God for Family.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love Those Dear Hearts...

So, once again we are overcoming a miscarriage. We were so very excited this time. I almost wonder if I may have been anticipating it more than any of the others!

So hormones are everywhere. The church has been pouring food into our house. They have been offering up prayers, offering to help with the boys, supporting my tired husband, staying at the house in the middle of the night while we were in the ER. I am overwhelmed and even feeling guilty for not offering similar help to others who have gone through this. I had no idea.

So, thank you everyone. We praise God for his amazing goodness, that seen in all of you. May He continue to bless you so you can continue His good and loving work, shining His light!