Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So that's what those are for!

Nope, no shame here either. It is gross and we're working to fix it. We have been without a floor for some time and looking at grungy cabinets. Scott is getting busy, suddenly. The floor will be put in by a friend at the end of the month. Before that happens, we're stripping the cabinets, having them powder-coated to stick with our retro house, having cabinet makers match our old cabinets and build some new custom-shaped ones, putting in new counter top, moving the sink and stove, installing a microwave above the stove, repainting and putting in blinds, etc.... I'm so proud of Scott for taking on this project. He's done a beautiful job putting in a new laundry room, pantry and closet. Yeah! BUT, in order for this to happen: chaos comes. This is the scene I came home to this morn after the boys' Tuesday School:


Okay, gross....

Soon, soon.

A glimpse of the boys playing.

And, oh, that's what those are for! I wondered about those sweet ears. They hold pennies.

2 Responses:

Sydni said...

It seems as though it has to get worse before it can get better.

I look forward to seeing pictures of the end result!

JeremyNSunny said...

Ha! The penny behind the ear is priceless. Too bad there's no way to get the sweet face on the other side of that ear in the same picture! ;)